Cube is now FASTER!

(Release date: January 29, 2015)

RPM 10 development was focused on achieving a faster and more efficient user experience.

  • Fields controlled by values of other fields load instantaneously, saving time on every form!

  • Forms now always keep their place when entering data.

  • Search across all processes. Entering a search term into the top search bar now return results from all of your processes, making it easier to find the processes and forms you want.

  • A new table field allows for shorter forms and easier data input.

  • An edit button located right on the view page allows you to edit forms quicker.

  • Email integration. Attach emails related to specific processes and forms for record keeping and easy future reference.

  • Support available 24/7. Check out and the new Cube knowledge base.

Technical Discussion

  • Postback on form edit was eliminated. All fields controlled by field groups are available without checking with the server.

  • The new table field allows a setup privileged user to design columns with the specific field type to match desired data format. Table rows can either be defined, with custom names, or undefined, allowing a user to add rows as required.

  • Process sync has been eliminated. This means, adding or removing fields to a process will cause the field to automatically appear/disappear on process forms.

  • With the elimination of process sync, archived fields was developed. If a setup user no longer wants a field to be displayed in process forms, it can be archived. Existing field data of an archived field is retained, the archived field can still be chosen in view columns, and unarchived is necessary. 

  • Email Integration setup information can be found here

  • Field groups now include the option to be triggered by multiple list options or status levels.