To Add a staff user, click the Top Menu Button and choose Users.

Click + Add a staff user.

Choose a salutation from the drop down list and enter the first and last name of the new user in the text boxes. Choose the Role of the new user (Roles must be created before you can assign users to them). Click Next.

The user has now been created. Decide to either invite the user to Cube by email or manually. 

Invite User by Email

To invite the new user by email, enter their email address in the text box provided and click Finish. They will be sent an email that will contain a link were they will be able to create their password in Cube.

The new user will receive an email with a link to step their password. 

Manually Create Password For User

You can also choose to create a manual password for the new user. Choose Manual password from the drop down box and enter the password in the text box provided. If you choose to assign a manual password you will have to provide the new user with that information.