Top menu button >> Commissions >> Latest run >> Import data


This is the page where commission data is uploaded for suppliers that are setup in your database. This page can also be used to get to the assigning of Rep IDs page as well as the matching of products if there are any new products uploaded.

When you land on the Import data page click Upload  to the left of the supplier you want to upload commission data for. You can only upload data if you have setup the upload matrix for that supplier. 

Click Choose file and browse to the file on your computer and either double click or highlight the file and click open

The next page will show 3 options:

  1. Finish import: this option finishes the import
  2. View buffer: when supplier commission data is uploaded it goes into a temporary buffer so it can be reviewed before the import is completed. 
  3. Replace with new upload: this option allows you to replace the current import with a new one

Buffer page

From this page you can finish the import(s) by clicking on either Finish all or Finish.